Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reschedule an appointment?2019-04-05T21:59:10-05:00

Absolutely! Please call 24-48 hours in advance of the appointment to reschedule or cancel. This is very much appreciated! However, should you miss two appointments without notification and would like to meet again, there will be a fee of $25 on the third appointment to cover the time and effort put in to prepare for your arrival. This $25 fee is payable in advance via invoice from PayPal. Contact Us for more information.

Do I get a copy of the cake design you will make?2019-04-05T22:22:04-05:00

Photocopies of your wedding cake design, which we either design or get from one of my books, are not available to you until the cake is booked with us via payment of half down. If you like, we can email a copy to your florist for you upon receipt of your booking payment for their floral placement information.

Do I have to pay a deposit at the consultation/tasting?2019-04-05T22:35:32-05:00

No, you do not. It is suggested you do leave a deposit, however, to secure your date on our books.

Do you offer cake cutting services?2019-04-05T22:55:25-05:00

We do offer a cake cutting service for a fee of $75.00 for 2 hours. Normally, 2 people are required for a 2 hour time frame making your charge $150.00. If you like, you can provide us with a person to help with distributing plates of cut cake. This is truly helpful for us and may be the perfect job for an out of town relative who wanted a job!

Our paid time begins at the time of the discussed reception time taking place, not your arrival at the reception. This fee does not include clean-up. Payment for this service is in cash at the reception, but must be booked ahead of time.

Many of our brides book us for this because we can help make sure you get the maximum value out of their cakes by cutting it to the appropriate serving size. This also saves you any potential additional fees from the catering services at your venue.

Do you offer custom design sessions based on my gown or bridal theme?2019-04-05T23:05:40-05:00

Yes, we do! We do these over 3 appointment sessions. This package is $150 and includes our origination of 3 Bridal Cake designs based on your gown, your themes, or other design elements you have in mind. We generally get carried away with ideas when given creative freedoms so you’ll likely have a few more than 3.

  • 1st appointment consists of gathering your ideas, input, photos, colors, etc. Then we get to work.
  • 2nd appointment (a week later) is where you tell me your likes, dislikes, and we take those ideas from there.
  • 3rd and final appointment (a week from 2nd appointment) is decision time. We tweak the designs and settle on one.

The design fee is not applied to your final total of your cake as a credit.

Do you work by contract?2019-04-05T22:23:36-05:00

Yes, for both our protection. You will receive a copy of the contract at the tasting/consultation with pricing. Pricing is good for one month. This will give you a chance to make your decision away from the consultation if you prefer. We do not pressure you to sign the day of, however, we love it when you do! We do advise you to book the same day as the consultation to make sure your date is locked in with us.

How can I taste your specialty cake and icing flavors?2019-04-05T22:18:25-05:00

If you would like to taste a Specialty cake flavor with Specialty icing, please let us know in advance. Special request flavors which are not listed in your Reminder email response, but wanted at the tasting, will incur a $15.00 per flavor fee to cover our time in creating it for you. Included in that fee is a 6″ cake to take with you of the specialty flavor and icing of your choosing. It will be lightly iced and undecorated.

How do cake stand deposits work?2019-04-05T22:44:01-05:00

A deposit check is required on the stand two weeks in advance of your date at our final appointment. This is a separate check. Deposit checks on rentals are held with your paperwork.

Rented stands must be returned within 3 days of the event. Stands should be returned in the condition in which they were received, i.e., they should be clean and without damage, in order to receive your deposit check. Once returned on time and inspected, your check can either be mailed to you or shredded. You may also pickup the check when returning the stand.

**If we must retrieve the cake stand from the venue for any reason, the deposit is forfeited, and your check will be cashed.

How do I rent a cake stand?2019-04-05T23:39:50-05:00

Most renters of our cake stands either call or reserve their rental in person at their consultations.

How many months in advance do I need to book with you?2019-04-05T22:31:41-05:00

Wedding season begins in earnest in April and runs through October. Please book your cakes 6 months to one year in advance. There may be others who want your date as well. Leaving a deposit to secure your event date at the time of the consultation is recommended.

How many quotes will I receive?2019-04-05T22:20:09-05:00

We do try and give quotes on (2) Wedding cake designs and (1) Grooms cake design within our time frame of one hour. Usually these include photos from Pinterest which you’ve selected. To make your cake an original, we generally take several design elements from your photos and draw up a quick and dirty drawing to price for you. This customizes your cake using other people’s ideas without the cost of a full detailed drawing.

How many weddings will you be working on at the same time?2019-04-05T23:19:12-05:00

We do not overbook ourselves. We take one wedding a weekend. If your date falls on a Friday, that will book us for the entire weekend. We do however accept small birthday or event cakes based on your wedding cake’s size and complexity. Your cake is handled from concept to completion by Harriet only.

Is there a charge for a consultation?2019-04-05T23:12:06-05:00

No, there are no charges for consultations.

May I come by your location anytime?2019-04-05T21:56:12-05:00

No, we are available by appointment only.

What are your delivery fees?2019-04-05T22:30:12-05:00

For deliveries in:

  • Memphis/East Memphis area – $60.00
  • Germantown/Collierville area – $40.00
  • Out of town locations are charged a flat delivery charge (based on distance from Memphis), plus $0.57/mile round trip, and an hourly fee for the driver.

These prices are subject to change.

What do I need to do to prepare for the consultation/tasting?2019-04-05T22:03:30-05:00

Consultations generally last between 30 minutes to 1 hour and include Bridal and Grooms cake discussions and quotes. We talk about your wedding and ask questions. Please allow time for me to serve your needs fully by booking your other appointments to include this time frame. Having cake styles in mind to quote you on will make the appointment go more quickly. You may email us in advance with your photos of ideas. We do not give quotes online for Bridal and Grooms cakes. Tasting our cake for free is the best part – you don’t want to miss it!

You will taste many cake flavors and fillings, as well as an assortment of  icings for your cakes. We don’t pre-group samples with certain fillings in them. We like you to choose which fillings you like most with whatever flavor cake you want! Your guests will then know this is your personal selection you want to share with them.

What do you charge per slice?2019-04-11T17:26:12-05:00

Please see our Cake Info page for full details on our pricing and a breakdown of our available flavors.

What is the difference between a cake stand rental fee and a cake stand deposit?2019-04-05T23:27:32-05:00

Rental of the cake stand is based on a one day usage fee plus tax. If the cake stand is to be used for your wedding, it is paid for at the final meeting we will have two weeks in advance of your event date. The fee reserves the stand for your wedding. The fee is non-refundable.

The deposit is required due to challenges we have had in the past tracking down the cake stand after the event is over. The deposit is typically the replacement cost of a stand should it not be returned after the event.

See the bottom of our Cake Stand Rentals page for more details on our cake stand rental terms.

What payment methods do you accept?2019-04-05T23:19:43-05:00

We prefer checks. You will likely be consulting/booking with us with plenty of time for the payment to clear. We also accept cash and all major credit cards.

Please note: for credit cards a convenience fee is added to your order based on a percentage of the charged amount. Any credit card fees are not added into the per slice pricing. We do not accept credit cards over the phone for security reasons.

If you are mailing a payment, either a deposit to hold your date on my calendar, or paying in full, a signed copy of the contract should accompany your first payment. You will receive a copy of the contract at the consultation. Sign it, and be sure to copy it to us along with payment. Please also keep a copy for your records.

When is final payment due?2019-04-05T22:41:52-05:00

Final payment is due two weeks in advance of the event. At that time, Harriet likes to meet with you to sit and go over your design again to refresh everyone’s memory and to verify that your RSVP’s will coordinate with the number of servings ordered. At that time you may arrange for a cake stand rental or other services.

Where are you located?2019-04-05T21:57:01-05:00

In Collierville, TN. Please call to make an appointment or inquiry.

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