Cake Stand Rentals

Tips for Choosing a Cake Stand

In general, round cakes look best on round stands and square stands look best on square stands. If your cake design has a lot of pattern on it opt for a simple or plain stand in round or square, silver or gold, whichever color you are using with your overall theme. If your design work is simple, go with a simple smooth-sided cake stand. If your cake is smooth-sided buttercream, opt for the scroll work. Mix it up!

If you have scroll work on your cake, you can accentuate the cake with a scroll work base or go with plain sided. Nature themed cakes look best on a wooden tree base. If you have bling on your cake, have bling on your stand. If you have pearls on your cake, have pearls on your stand…or simple smooth-sided. You get the idea. You can’t go wrong with a plain smooth-sided stand, that’s for sure!

Still not sure what to choose? We can help by making a recommendation for you.

Rent a Cake Stand

Cake Stand Rental Terms of Use

One Day rental fee applies to the day of the event plus tax. Prices vary and do not include tax.

Deposits are required on all stands based on quoted prices. The deposit check and rental checks are separate payments. Those payments are required two weeks prior to the wedding. The deposit check is not deposited, but rather returned upon successful return of the stand within a 3 day time period from the wedding day. The stand must be returned in the condition it was received, returned on time, and clean to receive the deposit refund. Refund check will either be returned to you in person or via USPS, or shredded. If the stand must be retrieved from the event site the deposit is forfeited. Please have your party returning the stand call, or email, prior to return of the stand to make arrangements ahead of time.