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Terms of use for cake stand rentals:


One Day rental fee applies to the day of the event plus tax. Prices vary and do not include tax.


Deposits are required on all stands based on quoted prices. The deposit check and rental checks are seperate payments. Those payments are required two weeks prior to the wedding. The deposit check is not deposited, but rather returned upon successful return of the stand within a 3 day time period from the wedding day. The stand must be returned in the condition it was received, returned on time, and clean to receive the deposit refund. Refund check will either be returned to you in person or via USPS, or shredded. Please have your party returning the stand call, or email me, prior to return of the stand to make arrangements ahead of time. Thank you.rms:posit check is held onsite and not d


tands and toppers can be viewed on location at the time of t        Check my Current Calendar

Email me to reserve your cake stand at: beacake@aol.com

14 inch round with scrollwork - Deposit $65. Rental $35.00+ tax

Deposit $115

Rental $50- Silver 18"

21 Squarecakestands


Floating Tiers cake Stand holds enough cake for 100

Deposit $70

Rental $35.00

6, 8 and 10"

Use for 6" top cake and cupcakes

Garden Cake Stand-no extra plate included.

Garden Cake Stand

Deposit $150.00

Rental $30.00 Holds 6, 8 and 10"

Plates can hold cupcakes

Tall Tier Cake stand-Lady Windemere Set

Tall Tier Cake Stand

Deposit $125.00

Rental $50.00

Center Post Construction Holds 6,8,10,12,14 and16" Rd. or 125 cupcakes

Cupcake stand holds 23 cupcakes.

Deposit $35.00

Rental $17.50

Holds 23 cupcakes


Rental $50.00

Deposit $175.00

Ivory only

Rental $50.00

Deposit $175.00

Crystal bling

18" top surface

22" base surface Plain Silver or Gold Stand

Deposit $115.00


22 inch Round with Scrollwork-Deposit $75.00 Rental $37.50 + tax

22" Rd with scrollwork

Deposit $75.00

Rental $35.00

Has dent which goes to the back upon display.

Satin cake stands various sizes and prices

Satin Covered Puff Bases-Various sizes

Deposit $60.00

Rental $30.00

Topper $35.75 plus tax- Butterflies-$8.50 each
Wilton Initial monogram-with crystals-pre-ordering required-1 month lead time

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