Effective August 1,2011 prices will increase on all cakes. 



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Fillings come standard between layers on Wedding cakes and Novelty cakes except sheet cakes.


2 Layers in the same size, iced and placed together generally make one "tier" of cake. Meaning, a "Two Tier cake" is two different sizes of cakes stacked together.


Example below: a 10" and a 6" cake is a two tier cake. This cake shown is a fondant cake and serves 38. Design elements also can add to the price.






Icing decorations include some, but not all of these items:


minimal scrollwork,

random dots,

writing and stripes,

simple cutout fondant flowers,

buttercream icing rose sprays,


stars on wires,

hearts on wires,

hand cut out numerals for cake toppers,

flat fondant bows,

royal icing decorations


Choose 3 of the above items for inclusion at this price. Some plastic items, if requested, not to include licensed cake kits.

Other bakers will add on pricing for some of these items. Compare.


Harriet's Creations Standard Cake Flavors include


Champagne Tasty--non-alcoholic

Blue Ribbon Yellow-™

Buttery Vanilla -™

Blue Ribbon Devils Food-™

Red Velvet Plain-™

Lemon Lovers-™

Lemon Lavendar Treat-™-

Award Winning Almond-™

Orange Delight-™

Moist and Delicious Strawberry-™

Enhanced Moist White—™

Zesty Almond-™

Lemon-Lime Punch-™

Autumn Spice cake-™

Harriet's Creations Specialty Flavors include:

Pricing begins at $5.50 a slice and uses Buttercream as the exterior icing.

*Fondant covered Specialty cakes begin at $7.00 a slice. All fondant covered cakes have buttercream icing beneath the fondant.

These flavors can be incorporated as batters, icings, or part of a filling. These cakes include the design choices listed above. These cakes are based on market prices of ingredients and per slice and are subject to change without notice.


** Coconut Yum-™

**Wonderful White Chocolate-™

**White Forest Cake ™

     Chai Lovers Peach-™

**Lovely Lemon Lavendar -™

**Yummy Homemade Carrot-™

** Pleasing Passion Fruit-alcoholic-™

***Pumped Up Peanut Butter-™

**Hazelnut Happiness-™

**Huckleberry Surprise-alcoholic-™

**Italian Crème Lovers-alcoholic-™

**Prost! White Russian-alcoholic-™

**Our Own Southern Gentleman, “Jack”--™-alcoholic

**Oh So Southern Pecan™ - Alcoholic

    Champagne Love-™-alcoholic-Uses Real Champagne

**Amaretto Madness-™- *-alcoholic

**Creamy White Chocolate Orange-™

**Cherries Jubilee Jumble-™

**Colossal Caramel cake-™

***Moist German Chocolate-™

**Lovely Lemon Pound Cake-™

**Red Velvet Riot-™

**Rowdy Rum Cake-™

"Espress-ly for You"-™ - $9.10 a slice-(8"rd.smallest made)

**  Contains Nuts, Chocolate, Nut extracts, oils or liquers.

***Contains Nuts in the filling and or icing


If you don't see your flavor, please ask about it.

I do not use real butter for icing in the summer months but will use it between January and April, and again in November thru January. A difference in price exists between the standard buttercream and the 50/50 split icing. You must ask for the real butter icing when ordering. This is used at your own risk due to the weather affecting the fluidity of the icing.  50/50 icing adds .50 per slice to either Standard or Specialty pricing.

My standard buttercream icing has been on all my cakes when they won Blue Ribbons at the Mid South Fair in the Professional Division of the Culinary Arts Category. This fair is held in the September heat and holds up very well indoors. The fair is now called the Delta Fair, and is held at the Agricenter International.  This icing is made with a trans-fat free vegetable shortening.


Adding fresh fruit to a recipe adds an additional .50 per slice.

Prices are subject to change without notice, and may not Charges for fondant covered cakes are not included here.

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