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It all started in 1993. I was waiting on the arrival of my third child, when we decided we didn't like grocery store cakes anymore. I began Wilton cake decorating classes, then taught Wilton classes at all levels; won awards from Wilton, and the Mid-South Fair, and began designing Wedding Cakes.  One thing led to another, my teaching ceased and I began doing cakes full time. I have personally developed my own recipes, I run the company in all aspects. In 1999, I incorporated Harriet's Creations.

Based on part to the development of my software pricing program, BakeryBuddy.com, making it official has taught me many things.
One thing owning a business has taught me is that people are yearning for someone to care about them , like in the good 'ol days, especially when it comes to their special occasions. They don't mind paying for a great tasting/looking cake (not frozen) and a friendly service.

I hope I live up to that for you. It is my intention.  

Confectionately yours,

Harriet Cobb

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