Bridal and Novelty stencils of all types!

Each Bridal stencil use adds $5.00 per tier, per side to your cost on square cakes.  On Round cakes added cost is $10.00 per tier.  Add $1.00 per cookie to original price when using stencil.  As a general rule, on cakes or cookies, the more colors, the more it costs, $1.00 per color.  Using a variety of colors will add to the cost .  So for pricing, take the price per slice and the stencil designs pricing multiplied by the number of times you use them or the variety used, or both, and these become the pricing included for the design work on your cake. Add delivery and tax.'ve got your cake!


When it comes to savings, stencils are your best bet in decorating.  They save me time, which saves you money.  Tell me which designs you like and a combination of those designs will be used either on the side or top to create a one of a kind cake each time! Each stencil is unique in it's use, based on it's relative size; and the size of cake you choose, ease of use for tops or sides, and number of colors. Harriet's Creations originals to be sure! Let me create one for you!



#1 Multi dot line       #2 Paisley                #3 Flower Power      #4 Large design paisley      



#5 Flying creatures--assorted designs                                           #6 Laptop                                #7 Music player   

#8 Flip phone 5 x 7





#9 Scrollwork  5 x 7      #10 Tropical images 8 x 10        #11 Modge-Podge              #12 Fun Party wording       #12B  Wording



#13 Variety of Shells-Seaweed       #14 Lettering-Block                 #15 Pre-school               #16 Pre-school            #17A Abstract-Geometrics



#17B Abstract-Geometrics             #18 Daffodils                   #19 Bearded Iris           #20 Jumping Dolphins     #21 Music Notation



#22 Fairies and              #23 Sparrows on Branch         #24 Twin Engine           #25 Jumping Fish in       #26  Celestials

 butterflies in flight                                                            Propellor Plane            Wildlife Scene



#27 Party clothes       #28 Holiday               #29  Heritage               #30 Scroll with leaf work    #31 Diamond with

and accessories                                                                                                                           leaf work



#32 Education              #33 Cat and dog toys       #34 Cats in poses    #35 Pet Paws    #36 Dogs in Motion    #37 Heart, leaves and flowers



#38  Sports Assortment                                         #39 Picnic Pack           #40 Watermelon slice,     #41 Grapes, Apples,

                                                                                                                  wedge, and berries         Pear, Cherries, Gingham




#42  Grapes and vines      #43 12" cake top         #44 Celtic knot 2" cookies       #45 Holiday cookie designs      #46 Dirt Biking cake top

with leaves



#47 Holly spray border work                                  #48 Martial Arts            #49 Musical notation side design       #50 Poinsettia

                                                                                                                                                                            3, 5 and 7 inch cookies

                        Bridal  Stencils 

#51 Skateboarders                         #52 Snowman cookie         #53 More picnic                    5 tier designer stencil for wedding cakes-all occasion cakes

                                                         and small cake top



Wheat leaves-use on cake sides or top edges of sheet cake                       French Medallion side design for bridal cakes

(These designs cropped to fit better)


                                     Feathered scroll

Lace set 2                                                   Stripes                                                             Feathered scroll corner



Feathered scroll for side design                                                             Alencon Lace Design Set


Various stencils for side designs  newest selection - more to come.



Fleur de Lis design-side design                                                                Mini Fleur de Lis design-use on mens cakes, cake boards.....etc.



Wedding veil daisies design                           Musical score design 12 inches long           Heart design-Valentines, Loved one-use on 2" cookie



Needs 4" cookie                                                                                        Choice of colors                      Ornamental eggs-for small oval cookies


Alphabet-upper and lower case                                 4" cookies or - mini 4" rd. cakes                             More sweetheart designs - 3" cookies



Christmas designs  4" cookies              Cookie ornaments-4" cookies                    2" cookies sports designs      Class of ...



5" w x 7" high - use on 9 x 13 sheet          Putting man-4.5 w x 8.5 high-11x15 sheet         Male Golfer backswing-4.5w x 8" h -use on 11x15


Female golfer swinging- 3" w by 6.5 high

use on 9 x 13 sheet cake