Pricing is by the serving and uses a 1 x 2" slice of cake as a guide, not wedges or squares. All servings sizes are quoted in the 1 x 2" slice.

This pricing is based on Standard Cake and Icing Flavors. Specialty cake flavors.

Find your cake, look for the icing you want, and that will be the cost per serving to expect. Not included are custom design work, delivery and taxes.

Special offers





Based on Standard Flavors.

(Link above)

Choose up to 3 of these elements:

minimal scrollwork, random dots, simple cutout flowers in fondant, buttercream icing rose spray, sparkles, colored stars or hearts on wires, hand cut numerals, flat fondant bows,royal icing decorations, plastic ring toppers for cupcakes

Award Winning Buttercream:

White, colors, or Chocolate


Standard cupcakes are iced moderately, not mounded high, so that you might enjoy a little cake with your icing-Balance is key.

Toppings and/or fillings available for an extra charge of .75 per cupcake depending on your choice. Petit fours are standard with a rosebud and stem with leaf, other toppers available.


Smooth, matte finish. Icing under the fondant.


Available in White, Ivory, Caramel, Buttercream, Chocolate and colors in Vanilla.

Also available:

Colors with flavors-inquire about these-great for kids cakes! Lead time required.

Cupcake toppers include pearls, molded items, plastics,icing flowers

Chocolate Fondant

Dark Chocolate fondant is great for a Male themed cake but also make a lovely cake for a Mother's Day dessert!

Poured Icing

This icing is the norm on Petit Fours.


Petit Fours are 2 x 2 squares of cake.


Deep dark chocolate which is poured over your cake.


Available in White Chocolate as well.

Custom designs-gum paste flowers-


priced by flower

Wedding Cakes   choose 3

 Begins at $ 4.00 a slice Based on Standard cake flavors only

Bridal Special offer -save money!

Begins at $5.50 a slice

Based on Standard Cake Flavors

Bridal Special offer-save money!

Begins at $5.50 a slice for Standard Cake Flavors ---na----

Begins at

$8.00 a slice-Standard Cake Flavors

Bridal Special Offer-save money!

Each flower begins at $5.00

Custom arrangements available.

Novelty Cakes choose 3      $4.00      $ 5.50      $ 5.50 -----n/a-----      $ 8.00  
Cupcakes By the dozen


with Simple sprinkles

     $34.00      $34.00 ------n/a------ -----n/a-----  
Petit Fours By the dozen      $36.00 with rosebud      $39.00      $39.00


Cookies By the dozen priced by design priced by design priced by design priced by design -----n/a-----



Cake Pops on a stick or Cake Truffles (balls )in a paper cup

Sold by the dozen-Min. 2 dz.

Start at $3.75 each

priced by design


simply dipped (No design-minimal design)







All are dipped in a chocolate coating.



design work charged additionally

Dipped Oreos

Min. 2 dz.

--------- ----------------- --------------- -------------


$22.00 per dz.- 2 dz.


with Choc transfer sheet pattern-or edible image-2 dz. min. $54.00