For chocolates:  scroll down.

Razorback with smooth skin shown below.....

Sculpted cakes are more per slice. These are two

different cakes.


  Serves 50


Mini cake -serves 1 -$3.50 each Min. 24-- About the size of a ladies size 7 hand...


Razorback Chocolate candies.


Shown above as flat-one sided mints. Raspberry or peppermint flavored.

Flat one sided mints = $42.00 for 100 bulk bagged

By the dozen-$28.50


Sizes shown below are 3-D mints next to various items to give perspective.  Also available, bulk bagged.


3-D mints   $4.75 for a set of 2 bagged-Minimum 1 dz.


3-D Mints  50 sets of 2= $237.50 bagged-(equivalent to 50 favors)


Bulk packed 3-D mints-100 = $474.80--- you can then bag them  individually if you wish.

Prices subject to change without notification. No shipping available at this time.