Please read the following before ordering. Show me the cakes!


1.  Below are cakes which are available within a 3 day time frame from Harriet's Creations, schedule permitting.

Some designs are available in fondant OR buttercream.

They cover various themes. Click on the link to be taken to various theme choices.


2.  Ordering Boxes are UNDER each photo. Double Check your order before finalizing payment.


3.  Delivery is available for an additional fee unless specified included in the price.All cakes are priced for pickup, your convenience in ordering, and include tax. Please call me (901) 854-1104 or email me at: to arrange delivery. Delivery fees are based on area.


4.  **Confirmation email -I will send a confirmation email to you about your order . Please provide a valid email address in the body of the order form somewhere or simply call (901) 854-1104 for verification. You may also email me at to verify I have received your order.

Harriet's Creations Inc, assumes no liability for orders not verified by the customer via phone or email. Spam folders will be checked daily, but please verify! Thanks.


5.  As you know, all of Harriet's Creations Award Winning Cakes are made fresh and are not frozen! My cakes are topped with Award Winning Buttercream icing. If you are ordering a Fondant covered cake, my Award Winning Buttercream will be under the fondant.


6.  All cakes are considered Bespoke (custom) cakes. If you have other designs in mind, please call to discuss the design. I am available by calling -901-854-1104 I do monitor but often I'm elbow deep in buttercream or fondant, please leave a message with daytime and nightime contact info. or the best way is to email me at:

Payment is through PayPal or Square invoicing using Visa, MC. .All cakes must be paid for in full in advance of pickup or delivery.  A minimal convenience fee will be added to your online billing.


7. Please allow me time to properly make your cakes by ordering in advance!

From April to October is Wedding Season, so order early for your special event needs!

Some photos used with permission of Wilton Enterprises and Harriet's Creations, Inc.


Show me the cakes!

(More coming soon)

Baby Shower/Reveal Cakes-11 designs to choose from in various sizes

Over the Hill-3 designs to choose from in various sizes

Bridal Shower-6 designs to choose from in various sizes

Birthday-Generic-6 designs to choose from in various sizes

Birthday-Boys-Specialized-5 designs to choose from


Anniversary-5 designs to choose from in various sizes

Cupcakes-Mini cakes-Petit Fours

Cupcakes-Pull apart Numeral cupcakes

First Birthday and Smash cakes



Baby Shower-Great Baby Reveal Party Cake!


Harriet's Creations Original design 2019!

Baby Reveal Cake-With cutout and impressed booties, question marks, hearts , and stars, plaque and wording.

BR#1 - 8" -Serves 15-18-$105.00-All Fondant

BR#1-10"-Serves 30-$135.00

Harriet's Creations Original Design 2019!

All fondant cake, with fondant mustaches, eyelashes, plaque and lettering, hearts and stars in pink and blue.

Lashes or Staches

8" Rd-Serves 15-$125.00

As shown-10"-Serves 30-$160.00

It's TWINS!!!

©Wilton Enterprises-GreatBaby Reveal Party Cake!

Flat sheet cake with Buttercream base icing with tub, shower, and Teddy Bear cutouts on top in fondant. Specify Colors.

Serves 15-$72.22


©Wilton Enterprises

Baby Buggy cake atop 14" Round cake. Baby buggy is cake and is covered in some fondant elements.

Mini cutout flowers are around the base of the cake.

Serves 80 -As shown-$271.63


©Wilton Enterprises-Great Baby Reveal Party Cake!

Fondant Covered Baby Buggy with Buttercream Piping

Serves 15-$72.22



Ruffles and Booties Two Tier

Serves 38 - Includes Molded Booties covered

in Buttercream, Fondant cutout squares,

and Chocolate Initials as shown here.

Buttercream name also available. Specify Colors.



Baby Reveal party cake!

Serves 40 - $215.00 with tax- All fondant as shown.

©Wilton Enterprises-Specify Colors.



Serves 40-$215.00



Serves 40-$181.00-Buttercream Layette On Em with fondant cutouts and topper


©Wilton Enterprises

Perfect Package cake!

Perfect for the Reveal Party!

All fondant as shown

Serves 24-$122.11




Great Baby Reveal Cake!

10" Rd. Cake in all Fondant - cutouts atop are dots and hearts in various colors

©Wilton Enterprises-Specify Colors.

Serves 30 - Fondant-$135.65 with tax     

Buttercream - $101.82 with tax-fondant cutouts



Buttercream -$101.82


High Rise Nursery cupcakes

©Wilton Enterprises-Specify Colors.

All fondant-Stand Not included

1 dz.(12) -  $47.01 

2 dz.(24) - $94.08

3 dz.(36) -$141.03

4 dz.-(48)- $188.04


©Wilton Enterprises

Simple Baby Shower Cupcakes with Plastic toppers-Minimum 24

Specify Quantity when ordering. Stand not included.

Plastic toppers are in Pink, Blue and Yellow only. Babies, Rattles and Rocking Horses only.


2 dz.(24) - $58.62

3 dz. (36) -$87.30

4 dz. (48)-$116.60

5 dz. (60)-$145.90

6 dz. (72)-175.20


Showers of  Wishes Sheet Cake

©Harriet's Creations-Specify colors

Serves 20-25 - All Buttercream-$68.64


Over the Hill

Buzzard cake-Serves 15-$72.23

©Wilton Enterprises


Over the Hill-Climbing Up-Serves 30 - $135.96

Figure in fondant and icing-similar candle included

©Wilton Enterprises


Over the Hill - Party Time!

©Wilton Enterprises-Specify Colors

Various sizes available


Top tier only (yellow one) with hand cut numbers -10" base

Serves 50 - $211.77


Party Time Cake to serve 60 - $270.98-delivery included locally-(12" base instead of 10" )


Party Time Cake to serve 134 - $529.20- delivery included locally-14" base-the whole cake as shown.


Bridal Shower

©Wilton Enterprises

10x6 and 6x6 Tiered Buttercream cake with upright ruffle

with hand made peony flower-your choice of color

Standard flavors available - *Cake must be kept chilled.

Serves 38-$215.00

Available in Standard flavors

Pink Blossom - shown as a 6" tall cake

Handmade flowers-Specify Colors

©Wilton Enterprises


8" Rd. Serves 15- $72.22-includes extra flowers to finish


10" Rd. Serves 30-$144.11- includes extra flowers to finish


12" Rd. Serves 45-$215.75 includes extra flowers to finish



Just Peachy with Buttercream Roses

©Wilton Enterprises-Specify Colors


8" Rd.-Serves 15 - $67.99

10" Rd.-Serves 30-$135.65


12" Rd. Serves 45 - $203.31



Looped Basketweave design

©Wilton Enterprises - Specify colors


8" Rd.-Serves 15-$67.99


10" Rd.-Serves 30-$135.65


12" Rd. Serves 45 - $203.31



Leaves and Pearls Design

©Wilton Enterprises - Specify Colors


8" Rd.-Serves 15-$63.76


10" Rd.-Serves 30-$127.19


12" Rd.-Serves 45-$190.62



Bride with Cutout Flowers-All Fondant covered-Bride in Royal Icing-(time permitting) otherwise fondant cutout elevated on cake

©Wilton Enterprises-Ivory and White Oval


7" Oval-Serves 25-Fondant covered -$127.19


13 x 9 Oval -Serves 40 - Fondant Covered-$203.31



©Harriet's Creations design

Initials can be added to center design


10 " Rd. Serves 30-$98.78





6" Simple Birthday cake

Serves 8 -$30.00

Available in

Primary or Pastel look

Choose any Standard Flavor


8" Round Simple Birthday cake-Serves 15

Choose Primary or Pastel look

Choose Standard flavor

8" Rd. - $55.24



8" Rd. Happy Birthday Rosette cake

Serves 15-choice of two colors

Choose from Standard flavors

8" Rd.-$55.24


All Buttercream cake and flowers with fruit filling.

Your choice of Yellow or White with Strawberry or Raspberry filling.

Serves 25-$120.00

Serves 40-$175.00



Customized version 8"

©Wilton Enterprises

8 " Rd. to Serve 15-$47.10-Specify Color and Flavor


10" Rd. to Serve 30-Specify Colors and Flavors





©Wilton Enterprises

Vine and Florals cake

10" Rd-6" tall. with 6"x4" top tier-Royal Icing flowers

All Buttercream - Serves 38-Specify Colors




©Design and photo by Harriet's Creations

This particular cake was Red Velvet with Cream Cheese interior

and Award Winning Buttercream exterior and Fondant Stars

Serves 15 - $51.08


Available in 10" to serve 30-$101.82

©Wilton Enterprises

Serves 30 as shown-$75.00.Fondant covered
with fondant squiggles and balls.
Board subject to availability-if not available
board will be decorated appropriately


In Buttercream which will look a bit different-Serves 30-$60.00


©Wilton Enterprises

Plush Orange Cake-Color choices available

Arrives on cake board-Stand not included


Plush Orange Design-Serves 15- $58.00


Plush Orange Design-Serves 30-$115.80




©Wilton Enterprises

Blossoms in Blue Design-Your choice of colors

Fondant covered cake with drop strings, cutoutout flowers,

and Buttercream roses top.

Serves 30-$131.50





©Wilton Enterprises

12"Ruffles and Roses Heart - Serves 40-$135.65- with Buttercream Rose Spray

Specify Colors and Message-Fonts may vary


15" Ruffles and Roses Heart to Serve 50-$169.49-with Buttercream Rose Spray

Specify Colors and Message-Fonts may vary



©Wilton Enterprises

Ivory Opulence-Ivory Buttercream base color with White swirl roses

10" shown-Serves 30 - $135.65


12" Rd. Serves 45-$203.31



©Wilton Enterprises

All fondant in Ivory and White with Handmade roses, cutout flowers and draping.

12" Heart-Serves 40-$223.42



©Wilton Enterprises

All Buttercream using Buttercream Roses, Includes topper, Silver leaves, drop flowers at intersections of diamonds.

Serves 38-$218.87-10 and 6 Rds.



All Buttercream using Buttercream Roses, Includes topper, Silver leaves, drop flowers at intersections of diamonds.

25th Anniversary cake-12 and 6" Rd. -Serves 53-$284.35


50th Wedding Anniversary cake


©Harriet's Creations

12" Square with offset presentation

Techniques include: Crimping, Impressing, Bows, Drapes, Pearlized Pearl Strands, Molded Cameo's and Gum Paste Flower bunch.

All fondant-Serves 60-$391.64


Cupcakes-Mini Cakes-Petit Fours


Cupcakes  Pull apart Number cupcakes


Each number uses 24 cupcakes-$32.00-your choice of colors, Standard flavor, and Number selection ..please specify which Number you need when ordering.




First Birthday and Smash Cake


©Harriet's Creations

Adult cake serves 60-$203.31

12" and 8" shown

Smash cake is a 4" round

All Buttercream


Serves 60


Serves 45


Everleigh's Large Cupcake cake with Smash cupcake


©Harriet's Creations

My own Granddaughter's First Bday!

Such fun!

Serves 60 - $226.00


With Smaller base cake

Serves 45 - $169.65



3-D Pirate cake-Dense cake to hold shape

Suggest Chocolate, Lemon or Vanilla Pound Cake


©Wilton Enterprises

Serves 15 - $72.22 - Great Centerpiece!


Atop 12" Round with Pirate flags, more coins and decorated base

Serves 60 - $288.60


2D Flat Train Engine and Gift car (with or without Clown head and balloons-Specify)

Fondant smoke replaces the balloons, packages are fondant.




©Wilton Enterprises

Serves 15 - $72.22


Super Hero Cake with CityScape Edible Bldgs. You provide Action Figures ahead of time.

5 days lead time on this cake due to drying of bldgs.

©Harriet's Creations

Special colors were requested here but I'd choose to

make the signage a bit more bold in word colors

Two tier Super Hero Cake with Edible Fondant Stenciled Buildings

All Buttercream background.

Serves 22 - $152.05





©Wilton Enterprises


Serves 38-$130.00
3-D Lion is Pound cake-Flavor choices Butter, Almond or Lemon-Lion Serves 8
Base cake serves 30


©Wilton Enterprises


Serve Hissss for your next party!
Serves 20-30-All Buttercream-$90.00
except for fondant hat and tongue.


©Wilton Enterprises-Fondant Covered Cake with Star Cookies with initials

Serves 15- $80.68


Additional Large Star cookies in Fondant

1 dz - $    36.22


2 dz  -$    72.44


3 dz  -$  108.25


4 dz - $  144.87


©Wilton Enterprises

Diva Cake

Serves 15-18- $85.00

Buttercream iced with fondant rolled roses

Your choice of colors


©Wilton Enterprises

Tink Tea Pot cake with base cake-All fondant covered cake

Not available in Buttercream

Candle based on availability

Serves 53 - $299.95


Teapot,tree and Tink only serves 8 and can be placed

on a green board.

Serves 8-$120.00



©Wilton Enterprises

Orchid 3 Tier cake-all fondant-your choice of colors

Delivery available since this is considered a small wedding cake

Pickup also available at your own risk.

Ruffles, stitching and smooth surfaces with small flowers make

this cake simply gorgeous!

Graduation, Baby Shower, Birthday, great for all those Special Women on your list.

2 Tier available - call for pricing- 901-854-1104

3 Tier Orchid Cake- Serves 75-As Shown-$365.00


Graduation cakes!

Graduation cake in Initial with cap and tassel

©Wilton Enterprises

Buttercream cake

Serves 22-$55.50 -Your choice of school colors-Standard flavors

©Wilton Enterprises

Buttercream cake

Your choice of colors

10" sq.- Follow Your Dreams (Not shown)-serves 40-$136.30

Follow Your Dreams 12" Sq. - As shown serves 60-$204.74


© Wilton Enterprises

Buttercream cake

Graduation cap tiered cake with tassels-serves 38-$183.35

Your choice of colors

Feminine Graduation cake---options include: plain silver board* or decorated board provided by me.

8 and 6 Stacked-All fondant-Serves 36-$163.99--plain silver foil board*


8 and 6 Stacked-All fondant-Serves 36--I provide decorated board-$236.85..

....Specify flavors...Available in Pink and Black only

Center Jewel is decorators choice based on availability------

-------Larger Version-----

10in and 6 in - Size As Shown -All fondant-Serves 52-$236.85-plain silver foil board*

Specify flavors -Available in Pink and Black Only

Jewel is decorators choice based on availability

10in and 6 inch-Size as shown-All fondant-Serves 52-Pink and Black Only -I provide decorated board-Specify flavors-$270.88