Gumpaste cowboy boot, hat, and horseshoes!

Boot-6"--$27.50 ea.

hat 2" x 4"-- $10.80

horseshoe- small -- $2.85

Set of all 3=$42.95

Specify color when ordering

If you need ideas for these, I'd be happy to discuss them with you when you place your order with me personally, but I think you can figure out who the wildest shopper is and we can go from there!  These are keepsakes.



Jewelry boxes-3.5" long -- about the same size as the smaller shoe.

$15.50 each

Specify :   Plain, Polka Dot, or Stripe


1--   2--   3--   4--   5--


6--   7--   8--    

These designs:

All purses are 6"- $25.50

All shoe are  6"- $20.75

*Set of purse and shoe = $45.99

These are not in stock, and are a custom order. Lead time 5 days.



This purse is also 6" - but costs a bit more due to the design elements-

Purse - $26.50

Shoe -  $20.75

*Set of purse and shoe -- $47.05


Use the alpha/numeric code when ordering so we get the right designs you want.

Smaller purse - $15.25

Smaller shoe - $16.30

*Set of purse and shoe - $31.50

Sneaker - $19.95 ea.

Size --  3.5"    

These sizes almost fill my size 7 hand for the shoe.  Purse-cup your size 7 hand to determine approx. size.


1S--  2S--  3S--   4S--   5S-  




These are not in stock, and are a custom order so please allow 5 days lead time.

Disclaimer:  Some breakage may occur, which will be repaired to the best of my ability. Repairs will be made from shipping on site, or prior to pickup or delivery. If breakage occurs enroute to your event, and you've picked up these items, I advise carrying along some super glue.  All these items are NOT edible.