Things to know about Pulled Sugar/Isomalt designs:

Pulled Sugar designs take hours to manipulate, are EXTREMELY fragile and must be assembled onsite if any height is involved .Duplicates are made and are charged for in case of problems. Booking a Pulled Sugar design is, in my labor terms, the same as a full wedding and grooms cake in fondant. Your order will be my work for the week.

Isomalt is substituted for real sugar in our area, by me, due to all Pulled Sugar items being susceptible to humidity. Isomalt may cause gastic distress if ingested in large portions.

Humidity makes them some designwork wilt. Consider a bow loop which is rounded on completion but flat if not carefully handled. Having little control on Humidity, some design work is not guaranteed to arrive on site in original shape.A glaze is added to protect it and humidity packets are provided while in transit, but...stuff happens with nature, ya know? That's why I make extras.Making the extras doesn't guarantee they won't be affected by the same humidity. Point being, I'll do everything in my power to control the humidity.

Various pulled sugar designs available.Photos on site at consultation .Christmas Sleighs with packages are available in poured sugar and begin at $400. This is presented on a sugar plaque, add a Tree and you have a centerpiece...additional cost not included.

Pricing is based on designwork, artistic value, labor, and height. Base price to make even the smallest of items is $600.00 per hour, then height is included at $300.00 a foot.

Roses, Moth Orchids, Calla Lillies and leaves, along with a Bow are available individually or in an arrangement. These can only be placed on a fondant surface or a round base of more sugar, like a plate effect.

So, there ya have it.