Printable order form    --  Before you print this out:

When using this form there are things you need to know. For your convenience, there are 2 ways to pay for your cake.  Be sure and notate on the form which you select.

No matter which form of payment you choose, please phone ahead to verify my availability, 901-854-1104. or FB me at Harriet's Creations, Inc.

I must have the faxable form filled out, signed, and faxed to me in order to process your order.  I will email or call to verify with you that I am available to make your cake or not. Simply faxing back the form, does not guarantee I am available and your cake will be ready. Please expect notification from me after faxing.


Payment Options for Novelty cakes:

1.  You may choose to pay for the entire order, using the Credit Card information provided to me, on the faxed form, OR you may pay by check due in the office one week in advance of the pickup date. In other words, if pickup is on a Saturday, checks must be there for deposit no later than Monday the week of pickup. One week meaning work week, Monday - Friday. for pickups on weekdays, checks must arrive in plenty of time to clear the bank before cake will be provided. I also accept SQUARE as a payment method in advance. You many now also use PayPal to pay using beacake@aol.com as the recipient of your funds.Lots of choices!

2.  A Valid Drivers License and showing the Credit card at pickup is required by the credit card companies to protect us both.  Thanks for your understanding.

If someone else is picking up your cake, and if your cake is large, or stacked, it might require an SUV type vehicle to load it and safely transport it. I will help you with proper loading. You assume responsibility for the cake once it's loaded in your pickup vehicle.


***If you are unhappy with any aspect of your cake upon pickup, you must speak up before leaving with the cake, so as to allow for a fix of the problem at that time, within reason.

Returning cakes even untouched, is not allowed as it's a food item.  Each cake is custom designed specifically for your needs. All sales are final upon acceptance of cake. A signature is required at pickup to assure you are in agreement with the order and how it was filled.

In paying for your Wedding/Grooms cakes terms are explained at the consultation appointment.  At any time, you may choose to use #1 for the purchase or to make a payment of the Wedding and Grooms cakes. You will find the due date of your payment (s) on your contract. I work by contract for the Bridal cakes.  You will get a copy of the contract at the consultation.

I hope you will find these options helpful and time saving for you.

If you are ready to order, take the time to download the order form and fax it to Harriet's Creations at 901-861-3090. Thanks for using the services of my company!



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