Payment Options-Printable Order form

For your convenience, there are 4 ways to pay for your cake. Checks in advance, online billing or faxingthe order form with delayed online invoicing . 

No matter which form of payment you choose, please phone ahead to verify my availability, 901-854-1104. or email me at beacake@aol.com

Payment Options for Novelty cakes:

1.  By Check - You may choose to pay for the entire order, by check due in the office 10 days in advance of the pickup date..

2. Online Invoicing--I can invoice you using SQUARE as a payment method in advance by invoicing you online. Convenience fees are added to your order with online invoicing and all credit card payments. You may also choose for me to invoice you online using PayPal to pay, again with a convenience fee added.

3. Quick Order cakes-choose and order online from this page. Email me after ordering to ensure your order was received and to arrange pickup times.

3. Faxing with Delayed Invoicing- Fax order form with accurate email address on the form to assure me responding to you upon arrival of your fax.

By using the printable order and supplying your credit card information on the form, a fee will be added when manually entering the payment. By supplying your credit card information over phone lines you accept responsibility for displaying that information and waive all liability against Harriet's Creations, and Harriet Cobb.

Pickup Info-

Please contact me via email to arrange pickup of your cakes. Beacake@aol.com

If someone else is picking up your cake, and if your cake is large, or stacked, it might require an SUV type vehicle to load it and safely transport it. I will help you with proper loading. You assume responsibility for the cake once it's loaded in your pickup vehicle.


***If you are unhappy with any aspect of your cake upon pickup, you must speak up before leaving with the cake, so as to allow for a fix of the problem at that time, within reason.

Returning cakes even untouched, is not allowed as it's a food item.  Each cake is custom designed specifically for your needs. All sales are final upon acceptance of cake. A signature is required at pickup to assure you are in agreement with the order and how it was filled.

In paying for your Wedding/Grooms cakes terms are explained at the consultation appointment.  At any time, you may choose to use #1 for the purchase or to make a payment of the Wedding and Grooms cakes. You will find the due date of your payment (s) on your contract. I work by contract for the Bridal cakes.  You will get a copy of the contract at the consultation.

I hope you will find these options helpful and time saving for you.

If you are ready to order, take the time to download the order form and fax it to Harriet's Creations at 901-861-3090. Thanks for using the services of my company!



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