Quick Order Cakes-New cakes listed on 9-26-16



Finally, a quick and easy way to pre-order your cakes for your event!  Printable Order Form .

As always, these cakes are based on my availability so order with plenty of advanced notice!  See my calendar for novelty and bridal cakes. All cakes are baked fresh for you with Award Winning Homemade Buttercream. These take time to accomplish, please allow 2-5 days lead time. Email me after you fax the order form, and I'll email back. Confirmed orders receive a return email and more information.

 Your order is not confirmed until you hear from me.  Thanks!


Themes include:

Birthday, Retirement , Baby Shower, Cruise-Retirement, Youth Birthday, Men's Birthday, Bridal Shower, Over the Hill, Noah's Ark with Animals, Ombre with Ruffles, Buttercream Lovers Birthday cake,

Confirmation,Graduation, Oversize cupcake, Dinner Party.  Check back often as I add a few more.

Licensed Character cakes



Note: Some cakes covered in fondant come in additional flavors. Please be aware of allergies of your attendees when ordering cakes with fruits or nuts in them.

Fill in info on Order form in the comments section for additional assistance.

Cakes come iced in Award Winning Buttercream Icing in colors shown.

Tax not included to prices here.  Delivery available and fees are based on area.


These 4 cakes are on Special for the dates above!


© Harriet's Creations, Inc.-Award Winning Buttercream topped

These cakes available as Chocolate or Vanilla cakes ONLY.


#1 Photo - As shown - serves 30

10" Round-Simple Birthday Message with buttercream floral spray. -$56.25-Smooth sides. Normally $75.00

8" Round-Simple Birthday Message with buttercream floral spray. -$48.75-Smooth sides. Normally $65.00



10" Round-as-shown - serves 30 with greeting and Gum Paste Flowers-decorated sides-$63.75 - Normally $85.00

8" Round - serves 15 with greeting and Gum Paste Flowers-decorated sides-$56.25 - Normally $75.00


# 3

8" Round-as shown -serves 15-decorated as shown or similarly - $48.75 Normally $65.00

10" Round-Serves 30 with Greeting and Balloons and squiggles - $56.25- Normally $75.00



10" Round as shown-serves 30-decorated with candies and multi colors, candles included-$63.75- Normally $75.00

8" Round serves 15-decorated with candies and multi colors, candles included -$60.00


Only available in Chocolate or Vanilla.

Billing and ordering can be done by calling Harriet at 854-1104. Online billing adds a $5.00 convenience fee.


**Special Offering

German Chocolate Praline Cake Coconut Pecan Icing as shown in 8" Rd. Freshly Baked -not frozen-sooo good!


$45.00 plus tax.

Also available are German Chocolate Praline Cupcakes with Coconut Pecan icing

1 dz. - $32.50

Order at beacake@aol.com !



These cakes are available in Standard Cake Flavors of  White-Vanilla, Strawberry, Yellow-Butter, Lemon-Lime, Almond,Dk. Chocolate.



First Birthday and Smash cake


Serves 38 in buttercream




Superhero Cake!


8" and 6" Tiers-Lots of custom work

Serves approx 23-Customer supplies figurines



Order at beacake@aol.com !



These dino's are running for their lives!

Each dinosaur is hand cut then dusted with edible powders.

Edible rock candies which are chocolate and jelly bean type round

out the atmosphere. Doubles as a great centerpiece.

10" base cake and Volcano serves 45 approx.


Other Dinosaur cakes


All Award Winning cake flavors and icing.

Available in:

Standard flavors of White-Vanilla, Strawberry, Yellow-Butter, Lemon-Lime, Almond,Dk. Chocolate --$3.00 a slice.

Specialty flavors of : Oh So Southern Pecan, Yummy Homemade Carrot, Italian Creme Lovers-$4.50 a slice. Depending on which flavor chosen can include: nuts, fruit, creams, liquers, extracts, oils or Chocolate.



8" Round cake as shown covered in fondant with fondant stripes and squiggles

Serves 15 - Quick order special price at $60.00

10" Round serves 30-$90.00-all fondant

10" Round in buttercream with fondant stripes and squiggles, and bow-$75.00

Available in all Standard flavors

8" Round fondant covered cake with cutout stars

and zigzag stripes - Serves 15 - $80.00

10" Round all fondant -Serves 30 - $100.00

10" Rd. Serves 30 finished in yellow buttercream with fondant stripes, cutout stars and bow - $90.00



Order at beacake@aol.com !




Retirement/cruise cake (12-15) - $75.00

Noah's Ark with animals (12-15)

Used with permission©Wilton Enterprises 




Serves 38 - 40  $130.00--Buttercream

Used with permission©Wilton Enterprises




Happy Times retirement (12-15)

Used with permission©Wilton Enterprises  $75.00 -Buttercream      

   Order at beacake@aol.com !                           


         Finally 21!  Wacky cake to serve 34 = $325.00-all fondant only       


All fondant only available

Serves 34 - Chocolate and Strawberry available or a Specialty cake flavor of your choice.Specialty Cake pricing will apply.(See Flavors)


$170.00 delivered with pre-arrangement



Round Chocolate frosted cake with chocolate fondant roses- various sizes and prices


Personalized Mens cake

Chocolate fondant covered with

Chocolate fondant handmade roses

Used with permission©Wilton Enterprises

Available in your choice of Specialty cake flavor. Specialty Cake pricing will apply (See Flavors)

All with dk. choc fudge filling

As shown 10"-Serves 30-35 wedding cake size servings



Used with permission©Wilton Enterprises

Chocolate Buttercream iced cake with monogram and design with edible mum flowers.

8" Square-Serves 24 wedding cake size servings. $104.00

Available in Chocolate, Almond, Yellow and White cake flavors.


Order at beacake@aol.com !


Oval Bridal Shower cake fondant covered as shown- with cutout flowers-Various sizes.


Bridal Shower cake-Various sizes and prices

Your choice of flavors to include Specialty Flavors.Specialty Cake pricing will apply.

Used with permission©Wilton Enterprises



7 x 5 serves 13-all fondant $54.95


As shown serves 26-30--10 x 7 all fondant--$105.00


13 x 9 Serves 45 - all fondant -$157.50


16 x12 -Serves 70-all fondant-$245.00


6"  Pink-As Shown

Leaf design with edible pearl-Serves 8-$45.00

Stand not available-all Buttercream

Used with permission©Wilton Enterprises


8" Round fondant covered cake with Buttercream roses in crescent spray

Serves 15---$88.50


Order at beacake@aol.com !

A Big Seller!

Available in Lemon, Orange Standar Flavors or Almond Pound Cake

Buttercream Icing only

Great for a Breakfast Celebration at the office!

Serves 25-$100.00

Used with permission©Wilton Enterprises



All buttercream iced Chalice and host cake.

Writing Style may vary.


14" half round serves approx. 25-$81.25

Available in White, Almond, Yellow and Strawberry


16" half round serves approx. 28-30 - $97.50

Available in White, Almond, Yellow and Strawberry


18" half round serves approx. 36-40 $130.00

Available in White, Almond, Yellow and Strawberry


Bookcake for grad serves 40 top is fondant with fondant cutouts.  @Wilton Enterprises used with permission.


Used with permission

@Wilton Enterprises

Available in female silhouette

Add your school colors

Serves 40



Cupcakes with grad caps-$26.00 dz.

@Wilton Enterprises

used with permission

Multi-color swirl cupcakes-$25.00 dz. in school colors-Add grad caps-$27.00

@Wilton Enterprises

used with permission


More Graduation cakes


Order at beacake@aol.com !


Caitlin's Party Cupcake!  Let the fun begin..Serves 10-15--$80.00

Super size cupcake

@Harriet's Creations

Your colors and standard flavors

Serves 25--$81.25






8" rd x 6" Tall. Ruffled in Ombre colors

$90.00-All Buttercream-Shimmer sprinkles atop.

In Chocolate and Vanilla Flavors Only

Serves 20-25 wedding cake size servings 1 x 2"

Serves approx 42. Base cake is a one layer cake.

Edible Buttercream roses, gumpaste bow and Champagne

Bottle Edible cutouts.

$224.33 with tax.

Ann's Buttercream numeral cake with

Gum Paste flowers. Serves 85

$255 plus tax