Pound cake Graduation Teddy in 3-D

Serves 15




Graduate cake-Serves 15 in your school colors-lays flat



Serves 15-In your school colors-lays flat


Serves 65-book cake covered in fondant

Graduate in buttercream-$209.95

All Buttercream-both cakes-$195.00



Square cake to serve 60 covered in fondant with impressed design element on sides.

Chocolate molded Graduation cap in your school colors




Two tiered cake to serve 38-$180.50

Two tiered cake to serve 53-$251.75

Base tier only with star "Way to Go" and stars on wires to serve 15-$95.00


covered in fondant-with diploma pillars

Your graduation year on cutouts above with streamers!


All Designs used with Permission @ Wilton Enterprises