Licensed Images and kits.

Collegiate sports team logos are no longer available except what I have in stock, some shown below. To use them otherwise on a cake is a licensing infringement and makes me subject to fines. Yeah, I'm not happy about it either!


I can however get Professional Sports logos for use on your cake!


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These designs are available, but my cakes are not sold at grocery store or big box prices. These are freshly made cakes, not frozen , and have award winning buttercream on them, not an icing from a manufacturer.  In other words, these cost more cause they taste good!

Remember, using the kits we can design a cake to suit your taste, not necessarily like these designs. If we redesign the cake using these characters, pricing will vary from the pricing shown here. If you don't like the border color, or such just tell me which color you'd like when your order.

Most designs as shown, or used with permission. You may look at their websites at or to see if your licensed product is available. Decopac does sell individual images, other places sell them in bulk and I'd need to place the order. If you don't see your favorite cutie for your birthday boy or girl, check out those sites.

These kitsmust be ordered in unless I can find them at Mary Carter Cake Decorating Supply on Summer Ave, at the corner of White Station Rd and Summer Ave in the Cloverleaf Shopping Center....locally to Memphis.

Legally purchased "Edible images" will need to be ordered and allow 5-7 days lead time for shipping.


Edible images add $5.00 to your cake order. Kits with figurines will be charged to you at purchase price plus 10%, or you may provide the kit yourself by shopping at one of the locations listed above.  Most time, cupcake rings can accompany these to decorate cupcakes. These add .25 to each cupcake.


3 Princesses

Using these designs with additions in 9 x 13--$55.00 + tax = 60.36-Serves 20-25 . More icing decorations or sprinkles will be added to bump up the look of these cakes in some cases.   If you don't find your character cake here, email me at and we will work on getting your character. OR  ............

 Let me design you an original cake using these kits!.....$75.00 plus tax $.--- 82.31

10" Round -serves 38-40 wedding cake size servings or approx. 20 wedges.  $82.31     

Some images and kits are more adaptable to sheet cakes.






Captain Jack Sparrow at his finest!         Rio Birds!  Let me use the kit to begin a really tropical scene!

Use on round cake sides and I'll design the top.


     Scooby and Shaggy and The Mystery Machine               Transformers 2


Other branches of service available.  All these images are filled in with icing to make a nice looking cake.  These are also placed on round cakes for grooms cakes


Other sports team logos are available for use as well. Decopac offers Professional sports teams logos. These teams are currently listed on their website for use. If your team is listed on this site, I can provide an image for your cake, however it does take time to order them in. Go to to see if your specific team is listed. Look under Products, then Professional Sports for the links.

MLB/World Series


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