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Harriet’s Creations Standard Icings: (No extra charge)


Award Winning Buttercream-white, off white, ivory, or taupe


Creamy Fudge Chocolate


Creamy Chocolate Buttercream


Lemon Buttercream


Almond Buttercream


Zesty Orange Buttercream


Cream Cheese Buttercream

**German Chocolate Icing


Specialty Icings:


To Taste these Specialty Icings, at your consultation, a charge of $20.00 is due prior to the appointment. Please allow 3 day notice of your desire to taste these. Payment is done through PayPal.


Specialty Buttercream Icings are included in the price of a Specialty Cake Flavor . Choices include:


Passion Fruit Cream-™*-alcoholic


White Chocolate Delight-™-*alcoholic


Hazelnut Buttercream**

**Huckleberry Heaven

Honey Lemon Lavendar

Caramel Buttercream


Walnut Buttercream


Maple Buttercream


Amaretto Buttercream-™*-alcoholic


Schnapps Buttercream-* alcoholic - flavored to your choice

**Please note, many of these icings contain nuts, or nut based products.  Please consider the allergies of your attendees when ordering.



Using Alcohol/Chocolate to your icing will add additional cost based on current market price unless ordering a Specialty cake flavor, then a Specialty Buttercream Icing of your choice is included. If using a Standard Cake Flavor, Specialty Cake Icings will increase the price per slice by $1.00.


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