All stencils used on cakes are priced according to difficulty.  While some may only need one color, others require more color and effort.

Golfers as shown $18.50. These are raised off the surface of the final coat of icing.




Male and female golfers 4.5 w x 8" high

Use on 10" round or sheet cake 9 x 13



For  male or female pilots of                                      Fishing scene for sheet cakes                     This stencil can go a long way using bits and

twin engine aircraft-designate                                     or very large round cakes.                          pieces of the design. Designate sports asst.         jet or propellor aircraft when                                     Multi colored with airbrushed                      when ordering. $25                                         ordering - All one color-$5.00                                  lake background--$18.50


Dirt Bike Riders-all white-$8                                     Martial arts - same size cakes                     Gnarly Dudes! Skateboarders

Must be placed on a large                                          needed as for Dirt Bike Riders                   Same size cakes needed as

12" round or on a square                                            All White - $8                                           Dirt Bike Riders - $8 all white

12" or over, or 12 x 18 sheet


Fleur de Lis cake board design or

use on cake top - 10" square cake

or larger --$10.50