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Fondant is priced per slice based on Standard Cake Flavors. So when you choose fondant as your exterior icing, your price includes a Standard cake flavor, Standard filling, exterior Award Winning Buttercream icing and then the fondant which covers that.


Fondant Design Work Available

Harriet’s Creations Fondant Flavors


Many of my customers come to me saying, “I’ve heard fondant tastes bad,” well, they taste the products I use regularly, and their minds are changed about fondants forever.


Fondant icings are coverings which go over Buttercream iced cakes. They are an additional step to the buttercream.  The fondants must be kneaded to soften them to the rolling out point so that they may be draped over the buttercream prepared cake. This takes time and therefore, more labor fees are involved with fondant. If you add fondant decorations as well to your cake, they take time to form and make.

Highly recommended:  Fondant decorations on Fondant cakes!  Although it can be accomplished, putting heavy fondant decorations on Buttercream icing will be a recipe for disaster due to their weight, and the slippery buttercream. Please help me in making your cake a success by using lightweight fondant pieces atop buttercream, or a simple fondant ribbon....to avoid the slippery slope of heavy fondant decorations attached on buttercream iced cake sides in Memphis heat! Remember Fondant decorations are basically "glued" to the fondant as it's properties allow for it.


New in 2014! - Buttercream flavored Fondant, along with Cinnamon Bun Fondant! If you're a Fall wedding consider Caramel cake with Cinnamon Bun Fondant, and it's still white in color.


White Chocolate Fondant-$5.50 per slice

If you have not tasted this product, you have not tasted an excellent alternative to Plain White Fondant with the Vanilla Flavor.  This fondant is made with real Covertures White Chocolate and is the best tasting fondant I offer. If you have to have the look, and want fabulous taste, this is the fondant to go with.  It cannot be rolled as thinly as the other Plain White Fondant with Vanilla Flavor, but the thicker covering adds more taste as well. It will be served at the consultation.  Consider it an upgrade from Plain White Fondant with Vanilla Flavor. You’ll notice the difference. It comes in bright white, off white color, used as Ivory, and several primary and dark colors which still taste like the original chocolate not like coloring. These bright colors are used on the "funky" type cakes.


Dark Chocolate Fondant-$5.50 per slice

This excellent tasting fondant is used mainly for groom’s cakes.  It takes much like a dark chocolate tootsie roll. This too has Covertures chocolate in it.  It  can be shaped and formed into objects such as chocolate roses, swags, pinecones, or heck, just ask if it can be done!


Plain White Fondant-Vanilla or Buttercream fondant-$5.50 per slice

This White Fondant I have used for years and until the discovery of the White Chocolate Fondant, my customers would rave about the taste. I try and explain to my customers that fondant is different “on your palate”, i.e., it’s not creamy like a buttercream, but rather, chewy on top of the buttercream. Some folks have trouble getting past it, but others have no problem whatsoever to drift from the norm a bit.  This fondant is the least expensive in the offerings of fondants at Harriet’s Creations. Pretty and fun colors are abundant in Vanilla fondant. Flavored fondants are available in the Buttercream fondant.


Cinnamon Bun Fondant is now available for $5.50 slice. Same inclusions as below.

All Harriet's Creations Fondant Cakes INCLUDE design elements of any 3 of these: 

cut out large shapes to include flowers on one tier, design or pattern match on one tier, fondant ribbon in your color pearlized or plain, stripes (wide and/or thin)on one tier, fondant diamond shapes on one tier, Impression mat designs pearlized, fondant cut out flat 5 petal flowers used on cake sides on one tier, top tier to bottom drape/swag. Gum paste Flower costs are not included here but are added to the final cost of the cake based on how they are used.


Styrofoam tier seperators are priced individually and are only decorated in Fondants or blings.

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