All cookies from Harriet’s Creations are hand cut and rolled. These lightly flavored butter-lemon glazed cookies are my family's all time favorites. My 30 yr. old requests them!!

No machine made cookies made in July, all cookies are freshly made and glazed to preserve freshness!  All cookies come boxed ready to be plated on your festive platter.  

All cookies/goodies must be ordered 5 days in advance. Cookie pickup times may vary as to the dates. Please ask.  Thanks!

Great Party Contribution for the Hostess with the Mostest!

Assortment #1--Pre-order here by Dec. 1st.

***Simply Decorated with Sprinkles, zigzags, piping and Award Winning Buttercream Icing!

All butter cookies- iced- some with sprinkles, some just iced in festive colors: 

Total 2.5 doz. -- $44.50 (As the order in dozens duplicates so will the amounts of each variety and of course, cost.)

6 - Ornament cookies

3 - Package cookies

6 - Mitten cookies

3 - Star cookies

3 - Angel cookies

3 - Santa /elf hats

3 - Santa boots

Assortment #2-Pre-order here by Dec. 1st

*****All Fondant designed cookies originals of HCI 2010-2017.

 1 dozen glazed and fondant decorated - $40.50   

2 dozen glazed and fondant decorated - $75.00  (As the order in dozens duplicates so will the amounts of each variety and of course, cost.)

Patterns vary on the fondant designs as new tool designs have been added.

Mixed box consists of :

3 - Ornaments

3 – Packages

3 – Mittens

3 – Stars

Assortment #3-Pre-order here by Nov. 1st

****Mix of fondant and butter cream cookies-assortment – 2 dozen - $55.00

Harriet’s Choice of cookies! Some just iced, some with sprinkles, and some in fondant.  At least 8 fondant covered cookies in #3 Assortment.


Here are a few photos of some of the designs which will be received.  These cookies are hand rolled, cut, glazed, covered in fondant, and shimmered as shown on various designs.

All designs are copyright Harriet's Creations, Inc. 2010-2017.




The same shapes will be used to make the buttercream cookies.  There may  be extra shapes as well, on the mix and match tray. Colors will be varied as to these so as to make a more Christmas or Hannukah feel to the overall order.

I also offer iced decorated brownies in large and one bite, chocolate chip cookies, tea breads, petit fours, cake "pops", cake balls and peppermint bark and fudge by the pound!  Just give me the number of folks to serve and 2 or 3 assortments, and then I'll quote you a price for the assortment! Prices will vary based on the item chosen, some are sold in dozen, each, or by the pound.

Now sit back, relax and enjoy! Add 9.75% tax to all orders.

Thanks.  Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah and Happy Holidays!