Below is a cut and paste servings chart I have used for years now. I hope you'll find this chart helpful. Some may dispute the numbers but no one can determine how much cake you'll actually get from cutting a cake as each individual cuts differently.  Using a cutting guide is helpful, but there is always someone who wants a "little" piece...always. If you have big eaters, go a size larger! 


I do not offer 6"  or the smaller cakes of any shape, as they are not profitable for a one person operation. Just go a little larger for an 8".

Buttercream pricing is $3.00 a slice plus some minimal designwork is included, and Fondant pricing is $4.50 a slice with some minimal design work. Note the inclusions here on the pricing pages.


*Note the combinations are for all one shape. If you mix and match shapes, we can discuss the numbers at the consultation.

In general, square cakes serve more than round cakes, Hex serves less than a square or round, Ovals serve less than rounds and squares.

Note also that there are two numbers, one for the cake servings you pay for,...and one number of servings you will get if you are saving the top tier.


Whatever you do, order confidently!  You may contact me at: 

See you soon!