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Check out the pans I have available and see how some can be transformed to serve your needs.   Pricing shown in photos is for cakes made with these pans.


(* Pans are for sale, but until sold, can be used within Harriet’s Creations orders)

Some alternate pan designs are linked to the other pans. Your choice of design may be a pan that's sold. Please ask! To increase the number of servings these cakes are routinely placed atop a sheet cake or square cake depending on the servings required.


If you see a cake in a Wilton book, please inquire about it, using the pans here, and others, many cakes are achievable.


Pan purchase prices are below.   

Pans with Asterisk* are for sale. Most are new and have the original liners and pamphlets with them on how to decorate various designs using the same pan. Contact me about total price based on shipping and handling and tax, and availability. 

Pan Pricing is as follows:

New licensed-never used-with inserts-$10.00

New with facial pop-ups-$12.00

Used licensed-$8.00

Non-licensed pans-$5.00


Quick Order Cakes         

Novelty Cake List/ Servings

You'll be amazed at what's available at Harriet's Creations! And Affordable!

Cakes shown here are in Buttercream star method, but, these can be made in a fondant cutout design for the elements. Yes, it's more because it's fondant, but it's a more updated look in fondant!


Clicking on these pan names takes you to pages which show you the many ways this pan can be decorated. Familarize yourself with these pans and their many uses and you will never be at a loss for ideas........Approximate servings per cake are in parenthesis.

All of these cakes which serve 8 to 15 servings are $75.00 generally, but do vary in price, beginning at $55.00 according to number of colors used and ease of decorating..

Example:  The 3-D sports ball small size is $55.00....large size 3-D ball is $75.00 but the more intricate flat sheet designs, such as a Fire truck pan would be $80.00. 


Serve more people than the 15 by placing these on a sheet type cake...or add cupcakes with theme related toppers in chocolate in 3-D or, decorated cupcake tops. 


Pricing varies based on design and number of servings!



Numerical cakes to serve large numbers of people available, ask for a quote, Based on the number of servings, these cakes come in two sizes. Cupcakes in the shape of Numbers are available also.

Stacked Birthday cakes are considered wedding cake pricing. 


3-D/Sculpted Cakes are based on the number of servings and complexity.  3-D/Sculpted Cakes are best made from lemon pound, or butter pound cake for stability. All are great quality and taste great! All cakes are fresh when sold, never frozen.



It's a long list and not all are linked to photos...yet.

#0 Pan-tastic Pan 6-8 servings-

#1 Mini-Pan

#2 Mini-Pan

#2 Mini-Pan

#4 Pan-Tastic Pan (6-8)

#5 Pan-Tastic Pan (6-8)

#6 Mini-Pan

#6 Pan-Tastic Pan (6-8)

#9 Pan-Tastic Pan (6-8)

2 pc. Piano 3-D

2000 pan--15-*

3-D Sports Ball or Globe

3-D Cruiser (Lovebug) (6)-*

3-D Cuddly Bear Set (5)-*

3-D Mini Bear (1)-*

3-D Train Pan (6-8) -*

2-D Airplane

2-D Pirate ship

Airplane pan-(8-10)-*

Baby Carriage with bird (12)-*

Ballet slippers (12) -*

Baseball Glove/Turkey--15

Baseball Player (15)

Bear (1) individual-*

Beer Mug pan (12-15)

Bell (1) individual

Book pan (2 mix) (40) (Bible)

Bowling Cake Pan (12-15) -*

Bunny pan (6) individual-*

Butterfly pan (10)-*

Cat pan-(12-15)-*

Charles Brown Pan (15)-*

Chick In Egg Pan (15)-*


Cool Kid (12-15) -*

Cottontail Bunny (10)-*

Cross pan (15)-*

Crown Cake (8-10) -*

Cute Clown (12)

Clown face (12) -*

Cruise cake (12-15)

Decorated Egg Pan (10)

Dinosaur cakes-*

Dolphin 2-D cake (30-40)

Double Tier one Piece pan-20-*

Double Wedding Bells (20-25)

Dump Truck cake (12-15)

Enchanted castle pan (12) -*

English Hexagonal cake pan set-(corner cut rectangular)

Exclamation Point individual

Fire truck ---15-*

First and Ten Football (15)


Flower Pot Pan (15) -*

Flower Power Pan (12)-*

Free Wheeling Truck S.U.V. (15)-*

Ghost pan (15) -*

G.I. Joe (15)

Gingerbread Man--15-*

Graduate --15-*

Graduation head only pan (10) -*

Growing Old-Mr and Mrs. (12-15)

Guitar pan (10)-*

Half round pan-various serving sizes and designs

Happy clown---9-10

Haunted House pan (15) -*

Hearts pan set-*

Hexagonal pan set-*

Holiday House shaped cake--10-*

Holiday Tree--15

Horseshoe Pan (15)

Hot Air Balloon pan (15) -*

Huggable Bear--1-*

I Love You Pan (15)-*

Juggling Clown Pan (15) -*

Just Hatched Chick Pan (12)

Ladybug Pan (8-10)

Large shell--15-*

Lion Pan -not lions head (10-12) -*

Little Hero Pan

Loaf pan--9 individual-*

Long Loaf Pan (12) -*

Megasaurus Pan (12) -*

Mermaid cake (8)

Mini Ball (6) individual

Mini Bears (6) individual-*

Mini Bread Loaf (1)-*

Mini Doll (6) individual

Mini Egg (6) individual

Mini-Ghosts - (6) -*

Mini-Pumpkin (6) individual -*

Mini question mark individual-*

Mini Snowman (6) individual-*

Mini stocking individual-*

Mini Tree (6) individual-*

Mini-Wonder Mold (6)

Monkey theme (12-15)

Monkey pan (12-15) -*

Motorcycle Pan (10)-*

Noah's Ark cake (10)

Oval pan set

Over the Hill--(Tombstone)--15

Palm Tree (12-15)

Party Hat (12-15) -*


Petal shaped pan set

Petite Loaf Pan (9) individual

Pilgrims (12-15)

Pineapple Pan (12-15)-*



Princess Carriage Cake-Serves 10-12 -*

Race Car---15-*

Razorback everything

Razorback Pig (30-40)

Razorback mini cakes

Retirement cake (12-15)

Rocking Horse (12-15)-*

Round pans in 2" depth

Round pans in 3" depth

Ruby Slippers - serves 10 -*

Santa with hat-Pirate with bandana (8)-*

Scarecrow pan (15) -*

Sheet cakes (All sizes)

Shining Star (15)

Shower of Wishes (15)-*

Skating cakes (15)

Slot Machine


Special Delivery Pan (15)-*

Sports Ball (pick your sport)--8

Sports Utility Vehicle-SUV cake -serves 10-12

Square pan set

Stars and Stripes Pan (10)

Stork cake (15)

Storybook Doll (15)

Teddy Bear with Block (15)-*

Tennis player (12-15)

Tractor pan (15)-*

T-shirt Pan (15)

Tyranasaurus Rex (12-15)

Two Mix book pan (30-40)

Western Boot--15-*

Wonder Mold (8) 



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