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** Pans for sale

Currently, I am the administrator of the FB page for the www.westtnsugarartists.org

Sugar Art Competition and Show


There are currently no competitions scheduled.

Please like our organization page on Facebook at: West-Tennessee- Sugar-Artists and Follow us on Twitter at:  #tncakeladies



"Icing Smiles is a nonprofit organization that provides custom celebration cakes and other treats to families impacted by the critical illness of a child".

Please check out their website, join them in growing their International Organization, and become a Sugar Angel.  When called upon, put on your wings and brighten the life of an individual who is so deserving! Be one of us who is "Baking a Difference"  www.icingsmiles.org

---------Pre-Retirement Items for Sale at Harriet's Creations--------


Pans, Jewelry Molds, Pillars, all kinds of tools! I will be posting soon the new and used items, so look for a list to continue, as I strive to list the things I can part with after 25 years in this Great Industry! I am still making cakes, so not all things will go yet. And no, I haven't decided when I'm retiring!...;)


Harriet's Creations has also begun selling various jewelry molds and other molded custom items. Contact me for visuals and a price list.

Looking for other cake supplies?  Try bakinstuff.com local to Memphis area. They are a storefront of goodies and are located at the corner of Summer and White Station Rd. The name of the business is Mary Carter Cake Decorating Center! 901-682-8585.



I'm the developer of BakeryBuddy.com, the Original home based online subscription service for pricing cakes, accessories, etc, as I say, "anything you use to build a cake." Published in 1999 to the Internet, I can truly say that this program is the original home decorators online pricing software.

This software was developed almost 10 years ago. Due to newer coding needed and new other commercially available software on the market, which has been developed over the years, I decided to discontinue updates to BakeryBuddy.com.

Thanks for all your support over the years!

Learn from the Pro's! ICES

If you'd like more information on the International Cake Exploration Society, you may go to: www.ices.org


I know your skills and enthusiasm will grow as much as I have with the discovery of all these organizations!

Happy and Profitable Baking,

Harriet Cobb    






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