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Below is an assortment of Buttercream Design elements which are available from Harriet's Creations.

You may choose any of these or a combination of these to create your very own cake design.

Each of these designs carries an additional charge for placing on your cake.

Just ask, I'll be happy to help you with the designing.


Buttercream Design Elements

One of the most often asked questions is what's the difference in the look of quilting on Buttercream instead of Fondant quilting. Below are a two comparison photos.

This one is Fondant quilting. The design is actually "cut in" to the fondant using a tool we have. Fondant allows for the more fine lines of the quilting design. Edible candy pearls are usually used in the corners for the finishing touch.

Sometimes a few marks at the intersections of each diamond, make the cake look more tufted at each corner.  The markings create a Pillowed effect. (not shown here)



This one is Buttercream. In this photo, the quilt pattern is pressed into the Buttercream and dots of icing are placed in the corners.

Buttercream Ruffling

Fondant Ruffling

Smooth Sides in Buttercream




Royal Icing Roses and leaves with sweet peas and

leaves grace the top of this cake.  Shell borders line

the top border while ruffle swags and rosettes finish

off the side design near the top.

The Crown Border is accompished with a fleur de lis

design and uprights connected by drop strings.

A shell border is the final border on this top tier side.



A Reverse shell border is on the top border of this side.

A Colonial Scroll using a #3 tip is accomplished through the middle

of the tier, and the Crown Border is again followed with the shell

border.  The shell border is the most used cake border in cake

decorating to finish cakes.

 ©      ©

A bead border graces the edge of the top tier of this

cake.  Followed by a random pattern of dots, followed

by the bead border again to complete the tier.

The second tier is graced with the reverse shell, Colonial

scroll, and again bead borders to finish. Note the closeup of the

Colonial scroll.



Reverse shell borders atop the tier border, with Feathered scroll work, and

a bead border with uprights.


Reverse shell top borders.

Fondant plaque with buttercream initial rimmed with buttercream dots.

Shell border with uprights.


Drop flowers within the ruffle and zigzag swag are accompanied

with a single drop string.  To the left is a double drop string over

the ruffling work. A rope border is directly centered here, with a

triple drop string upright border with drop flowers added to the

right.  That border is accompanied by shell borders.


This work is the same as above but on the top

edge of the cake, moving inward toward the middle

..almost upside down reflection but without the

drop string. The drop flowers here become

the border. To the right is a Cornelli lace design.

Cornelli lace as a side design.©


Dress stitching duplication, pearlized.   These

flowers and leaves are gum paste

and painted. Gold painted borders.


This design begins again on the cake top with a zig zag.

It is filled in with a lattice design and along the edge is completed

with a zigzag design.  Drop flowers finish the corner to the

right. Colonial Scrollwork with tip #3 is on the side, and the

E-Motion border is the finish border.


Shell top edge border.  Triple drop strings with dots.

Lily of the Valley side design with grass underneath.



Embroidery work with butterfly.


Royal Icing Flowers and work

This top design is used to complete the cake.

It's a small basketweave, royal icing petunias, pansies,

daffodils, 5 petal flowers, drop flowers, rose buds

sweetpeas, leaves, and fern.  The royal icing heart

accompanies the finished look for an inclusion

of a message.  Royal icing takes about 5 days to

dry, so allow time for this designwork to be accomplished


Here a closeup of Basketeweave in multi colors is accomplished with rope

borders around the base.  As assortment of flowers overflows the sides

of the basket. I see daisies, petunia's, pansies of assorted color and variegation,

drop flowers, 5 petal swirl flowers, daffodils, roses buds, sweet peas...wow..a lot.

Again, these need time to dry.

Basketweave can be done in buttercream, royal icing, or yes, even fondant!