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Remember Harriet's Creations has been in business since 1999. In this industry, longevity means a lot!

I work from start to finish on your cake personally.  Let Harriet's Creations - Cakes of Distinction make your special day AWESOME!

Ask to see my original design cakes....or have me personally design one for you!




OFFER #1- Wedding Cake offer-Super Savings per slice! Follow the directions below for best savings!

This offer is valid only with the purchase of a grooms cake at Harriet's Creations and is subject to Harriet's availability-Check my calendar


Harriet's Creations is offering  25% off a bridal cake order for cake to serve 150 or more.This offer applies to buttercream and fondant cakes. This equates to: $3.00 a slice for buttercream covered cakes, and $4.50 for fondant covered cakes. Decorations included are listed on the website. Decorations not listed on the website will be charged as extra work. These prices apply to cake designs sent me from the internet with minimal tweaking to make it special for you.


But WAIT there's more! Join the Email list and confirm your joining. . If you have confirmed the email list addition via return email, at the consultation you will receive an extra discount should you book with me on that day!!! Go now to Join the Email list and confirm the addition.


**Extra discounts apply for Active service Military with proper ID!

Thanks so much for your service!


**Not included in this offer are my Harriet's Creations Exclusive Custom Designed cakes, personally signed by me and are one of a kind. Once made for you they will not be duplicated for someone else. Exclusive design cakes begin at $4.50 a slice for buttercream covered cakes and $6.00 for fondant covered cakes. Decorative elements priced seperately.

**To view drawings of these Exclusive Cake Designs, a deposit of $50.00 is required prior to our tasting appointment, via credit card, and will be deducted from the final cake price upon ordering from me. It is otherwise, non-refundable.

**If none of the exclusive cake designs meet your needs, this deposit allows me to design two new exclusive cakes for you, for my time involved.

Please contact me in advance of our tasting, so payment invoicing can be sent.


Be sure to print this page and bring to the consult for use when booking your cakes to receive your discount!



Simplified Pricing Structure

Special offers.

Please read the Bridal Info followed by the Contact Us section on my website.

Email me to make a consultation appt. at Beacake@aol.com


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