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These cookies also available in Butter Sugar Cookies by the dozen.

Allow 1 week lead time.

25 assorted Gingerbread cookies---designs will include 3 more pumpkins

and not the easter eggs. Designs on women's clothing may vary

from designs shown here.

There's a football player, a scarecrow, a boy with ball, a boy

in yellow stripes, a ballerina, a baseball player, a woman with

basket, a woman with purse, a mini-baby, a pirate leading a

mini child, a girl reading, a boy holding teddy, a mini baby in diaper,

a couple holding hands, 3 easter eggs, (replaced with more pumpkins

in fall), 6 pumpkins, and another small woman with purse (lower

right hand corner)


Some varieties available for individual purchase. You may order one style of 12 listed in each category if you want.

Example: 12 scarecrows, or 12 football players, or you may mix and match within the same price range.  Example:  6 ballerina's , and 6 football players.

Large cookies decorated $4.75 each -- minimum 12 includes: women, scarecrow.

Medium cookies decorated $4.00 each -- minimum 12 includes: football player,

boy with ball, boy in yellow, ballerina, baseball player, pirate with friend, girl reading,

boy holding teddy.

Mini cookies available by weight in bulk --bagged undecorated- $2.75 lb. Minimum 8 lbs.

Gingerbread pumpkins decorated as pumpkins not jack-o-lanterns -Minimum 36--$27.00