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Please take the time to read this..... note my comments and ways to have a legal cake made for your event at the bottom of the article. Thanks for your time and patience as we both muddle through this mess. Jump to the end


remember this is from 06

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I hope this article answers some questions for you. This article is published with permission of Baking Buyer.

Please contact me about licensed images which I can use if I purchase them from proper sources.  Team logos vary and may be available, I just have to look in my catalog to see if they are available. I know I have a Razorback and Tennessee image on hand.

I have changed my policies on this due to a bakery in Arkansas,(note the article is about a bakery from OK.) being sued last year (2009-2010) for his improper use of sport team images, college, and professional.  He is a much larger bakery than I am, and had to go to court to settle things down. What he found out was that in order to use the images, he must pay $300 per team image, and an 11% royalty to the company who owns the license each time he uses the image if he wanted to continue to make them the way he did. Each team!

So, here is what I've decided.....I can do licensed character and team images, but only the ones I can purchase from an authorized dealer for that purpose.  If you're a decorator, please heed this warning.. If you're one of my and let's talk about what images and themes are available, I can look it up...and will try in future to publish a page of the ones available.  Licensed cakes available-just some I have on hand.


Please remember to plan well ahead with a cake with an edible image or licensed candles, characters, or licensed accessories purchased by me from an authorized dealer, as I'll have to order them , I keep a few in stock and will name those on a different page later.