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Serves approx. 20-25  $105.00  smaller version serves 10 - $75.00

and along the same theme

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Coins, ring pops with jewels, candy, necklaces, etc. to fill out the booty! Priced on size. $4.00 a serving...minimum $55.00 for the smallest cake...variations in design may occur so as not to replicate others work.

6" tall to serve 10-12   $55.00

6" tall to serve 15-20   $92.00

6" tall to serve 25-35   $160.30

6" tall to serve 40-50   $229.00

Of course the larger the cake gets the more accessories will be needed to fill the chest.  This is reflected in the pricing and servings.

Note:  Pirate design in background...........serves 12-15 $75.00