Serves 115 with 1 x 2 " slices in Buttercream and fondant with edible image paisley designs, dots and stripes with copper and ribbon roses.

$345.00--Doubles as a centerpiece


Pre-order pricing:  with one month notice-$300 Pickup price, all orders will have tax added.


Serves 50 all fondant with zebra cutouts -Sweet 16


Pre-Order Pricing:  One month notice-$175.00


Serves 22-28 - 8" Round - 1 x 2" slices

All with Award Winning buttercream with rosettesin your choice of colors



Pre-order pricing: --One month lead time--$60.00


Flavor choices include: White-Vanilla, Yellow-Butter, Lemon-Lime

All cakes come with standard Award Winning Buttercream icing as filling.


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